Foreign Student

Foreign Student Registration Flow

Registration I

Stage 1 registration, registration to create a PMB account and carry out the initial selection process. This stage is carried out online by accessing the Unikom registration website.

  1. Register on the Unikom PMB system (link)
  2. Choose an international student/foreign citizen program
  3. Choose a study program
  4. Fill out the registration form
  5. Make registration payments on the virtual account number listed on your PMB account.
  6. Take the Sharingan entrance exam and interview test.
  7. Obtain a letter of completion (LOA)

Registration II

Stage 2 registration, prospective foreign students are required to complete the required requirements files, the requirements files can be uploaded online to the Unikom PMB account, the requirements collected are:

  1. USM graduation letter & interview test.
  2. Study permit letter from the KEMENRISTEK DIKTI (Study permit letter guide: Click Here)
  3. Personal identity: valid PASSPORT, student VISA, ITAS (limited stay permit)
  4. diplomas or graduation documents and transcripts from previous education that have been equalized and legalized by the KEMENRISTEK DIKTI.
  5. Statement letter on stamp: Download link
  6. Latest passport photos 2×3 = 2 pieces, 4×6 = 2 pieces\
  7. Health check result letter issued from the prospective foreign student’s country of origin
  8. Curriculum vitae
  9. TOEFL certificate for prospective participants who come from non-English speaking countries.
  10. Proof of payment of registration fees.

BIPA Program

Foreign students who have legally become Unikom students are given 1 year of Indonesian language skills learning as evidenced by a BIPA (Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers and socio-cultural learning) certificate.

Darmasiswa Program

DARMASISWA is a one-year non-degree scholarship program offered by the Indonesian government to all non-Indonesian citizens from countries that have diplomatic relations with Indonesia to study Indonesian language, art, music, crafts and other special subjects at higher education institutions. Indonesia was chosen. in various cities in Indonesia. The main aim of the DARMASISWA program is to increase and foster interest in the Indonesian language and Indonesian culture among citizens of other countries. It is also designed to increase mutual understanding and provide stronger cultural ties between different countries. This program is organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Prospective students are required to register and submit all documents on the official Darmasiswa RI website and choose UNIKOM as the destination campus or place of study. Students who are not in their home country are not permitted to register through the Indonesian Embassy/KJRI in participating countries (non-citizenship).


Unikom’s BIPA & DARMASISWA program along with the process for processing passports, study permits, VISA, ITAS, are managed and assisted by the Directorate of Collaboration & International Relations:


Putri: +62877-3407-7487